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I paint to evoke emotion, capturing moments of emotion in each painting. These emotions stimulate memories. With a memory, our imagination starts to play adding sounds, smells, details, wishes, and dreams.

I capture moments.
I take a camera with me everywhere I go.

I am in love with oil paint and the lushness of colors that I mix. Get up close to one of my paintings to find the details and then, step back, to see the life in my brush strokes.

The decisions that are made once I have an image in mind have to do with size and scale. The image, not the marketability, drives the final size of a piece.

I can barely wait to start painting once the conceptual thinking is done; part of the drive is wondering how the painting will evolve. There are no dots to connect; no map to follow.

Traveler, there is no path,
the path is made by walking.
— poet Antonio Machado

Technically, I am trained well, both at the University of California, and then, in later years to recalibrate my skill-set, at the University of Washington. I rely heavily on my training; artistic risks are balanced by my strong foundation.

Each canvas is hand-built. Stretcher bars come from Canada…rolls of canvas from India. My own emotional investment in a piece starts right then and there.

Being a representational painter, and an avid reader, I look for hints from the works of my great living mentor, American artist Wayne Thiebaud. He, too, loves detail. Works of the French Masters, Manet, Viullard, Morisot, and Matisse can make me swoon. And, the bold brush strokes of American George Bellows reach my heart. I get absorbed reading biographies of their lives, and learn from choices they made or were forced to do.

I have a deep sense of purpose to create beauty for others, and pass along those traits.

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I was absolutely brought to my knees when I saw your painting. It has been prominently displayed in our home with instructions to grab it on the way out if the house is ever ablaze!!!
— Brice Webb, Texas